‘Bell Bottom’ First Weekend In Box Office: Collects 15 Crore

The Starrer of film “Bell Bottom” Akshay Kumar has collected a decent amount from the first weekend at the box office. The movie “Bell Bottom” get hit in the box office on the date of August 19.In the first weekend in the box office the movie “Bell Bottom” collects/earned around 15 Crore Gross in India.

This collection of 15 Crore is only in India & for the collection made from the overseas by this thriller film of Akshay Kumar is around 6 Crore. If the film “Bell Bottom” had not banned in the country like Kuwait And Saudi Arabia then the collection amount from the box office outside India is likely greater than the  6 Crore.

Instead of Kuwait And Saudi Arabia the film “Bell Bottom” was also banned from the country Australia And New Zealand. According to the Box office of India, the film “Bell Bottom” did not earned as much as before pandemic in overseas market of film industry.

Ranjit Tewari is the directore of the film ‘Bell Bottom’ & Akshay Kumar is the leading character of the film “Bell Bottom”. On Commenting about “Bell Bottom” risk of releasing it in India and the overseas market of film industry, because it has several restrictions in India along with the outside countries, Akshay had told that, “Pressure is there on every single person in the world but he is very sure that the things will go positively”.

Everywhere there is a risk and challenge too the person had to overcome it and go forward. Without challenges and risk in life what can you do? So all of you had already experienced some challenges in your life along with high chance of risk of failure.

While talking about the shut down of theaters in Maharashtra, Akshay had stated that, “This is also a type of gamble/gambing where chances are not defined & someone had to work on this risk to go further. So, he positively take the risk for the challenge and earned this revenue from his hard work and patient.

Also Lara Dutta, Vaani Kapoor and Huma Qureshi had vital roles in the film “Bell Bottom” and this was the first film in the market of Bollywood film industry which is shot completely during this lock-down/shutdown period. The film “Bell Bottom was scheduled previously to be release in the month April but due to Covid-19 Pandemic, it was postponed.

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