Delhi Traffic Police Rules Regulations 2022

Delhi traffic police is just another department of police that works in Delhi. You will get a basic idea from the name itself because of the increasing rate of accidents. The Delhi government has made some laws to prevent accidents in the capital city of India.
In the past two years, road accidents were alarmingly high in Delhi, in 2018, 1690 people died in accidents in Delhi, out of that 44% of accidents were caused by over-speeding.
Due to the increasing rate of road accidents, the Government had to take some actions. Therefore they created the motor vehicles act of 1988 which was amended and in the year 2019 brought some changes in the law.
in Delhi, if a person breaks a certain law they will have to pay charges in the form of a fine and because of that there is 66% drop in a traffic violation in September and because of that, the hallan issues has been dropped from 5,24,819 in the year of 2018 to 1,73,921 in the year of 2019.

List of Delhi Traffic Police Challan In 2022:


Delhi Police issues any kind of Delhi traffic challan if any person has violated the Delhi traffic police law under the act of motor vehicle.
All individuals must follow the law of traffic. Any person who has violated a certain law or will have to pay a fine, Delhi police have updated their fee in 2022.
Below given is a table that shows the find amount if any individual has violated a traffic law:

Description Section of MV/CMVR/DMVR Act Fine amount
Dangerous driving 182(2)MVA 2000 rupees
Modified lights 97(2)/177 DMVR 100




122/183(2) MVA 300 rupees
Taxi driver refusal 11.9/177DMVR 100


After sunset driving in the absence of light 105/177 CMVR 100


Yellow line refusal 18/119/117 MVA 100




39/192 MVA 2000


Smoking 5000


Pressure horn or loud horn 96/177 DMVR 100


Badge conductor 22/177 DMVR 100


Passengers in goods vehicle 84/177 DMVR 100


Modified lights 97/177 DMVR 100


Dangerous overtaking 100 rupees
Turning without indicator 119/177 MVA 100


Offense 5000


Tripling 128/177 MVA 100


Crossing red light 119/177 MVA 100


Improper parking 122/177 MVA 100


Racing Inroads:

If traffic police find that you are racing on the road, you can be charged 5000 rupees or a straight 3 months jail, if you are found speeding you can be charged 10000 rupees or 1-year jail.

Two-wheeler Overloading:

If you find overloading is to be the aim you can be charged for 2000 rupees or your license would be discontinued.

The Offense of Juvenile:

Under this offense, you can be charged 25000 rupees for a straight three years jail and your registration should be canceled for one year
About the challan table of challan in Delhi, you have to pay these fines if you have broken any of these laws mentioned above.

Additional Fine By Delhi Traffic Police:

Mention that there is an additional 500 rupees charge on the offender by the High Court if there are any broken traffic laws and it is apart from the charges mentioned above in the table.

New Delhi Traffic Police Laws

Delhi is following a rule given by the Union Road Transport ministry that if any individual has broken any sort of transport laws the note should be sent to the offender’s house within 15 days.
The evidence should also be put in the records in case any of Under wants to appeal, also have to put signboards in different areas and there should be camera surveillance available.
The new rules also contained that the police officers should wear a camera with their uniform to show that the offender has been recorded and the camera will help the officers to record the behavior and attitude of the offender.
Delhi traffic police are now using high-tech equipment to handle offenders. They will use speed guns, speed cameras wearable, cameras, dashboard camera number plate recognition machines, and many more such Technologies.

Document Required to Drive a Car:

Following is the list of the document that you are required to drive a car:-

● Smart Card and RC copy of the car.

● insurance policy of the car.

● the license of the driver (license should be original )

● certificate of PUC of car.

Other Cities Traffic Charges:

Below given are the charges related to other states of India:

● The Uttarakhand government has decreased the number of numbers in the motor vehicle act for example decrease in a file from 5000 rupees to 2500 rupees and using your phone while driving from 5000 rupees to 1000 rupees.

● The Gujarat government was the first government in India to amend the motor vehicle act, they also did the same as the Uttarakhand government also decreased the amount of fine, for example, driving without a seatbelt or a helmet from 1000 rupees to 500 rupees.

How You Can Check Your e Challan Status in Delhi:

Give below are the steps through which you can check your e Challan status in New Delhi easily:

● visit the ministry of road transport and Highways website

● simply select the check Challan status option.

● now simply enter the vehicle number or your driving license number to get your driver e challan.

● now a new page will be opened and your information will be displayed on your screen.

How You Can Pay Your e Challan Online To Delhi Traffic Police:

Following are the steps through which you can easily pay your driver e challan online, right now you can’t pay your driver E-challan with the use of phonepe or Google pay but you can easily pay through the tartar app:

● download the Tatar app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

● register your mobile number on this app.

● To complete the process, enter the message that has been sent to your phone.

●select traffic notice payment option.

● enter your notice number and vehicle number by simply selecting e challan.

● now you can simplify your e challan online.

Steps Through Which You Can Check You’re Fine Online

Following given are the steps through which you can easily check your fines online-

● open the e challan official website in any of the web browsers or search engines for example Google Chrome.

● in the menu bar simply click on the check Challan status on the homepage.

● now put your details regarding your vehicle number, driving license, and challan number.

● if there has been challan registered to your Vehicle it will show Challan status and if it is not it will show nothing.

The above mentioned are the simple steps through which you can easily check challan online.

What Are the Basic Benefits of e Challan?

Below given are some of the benefits of e challan-

● There is no need for paperwork required in e challan.

● The system saves a lot of time and you can also pay online which saves a lot of time.

● This system is transparent.

● E challan’s system provides you with different kinds of payment methods.

● you can also get your full details on the fine that you are paid online regarding your vehicle.

● This process can also tell if the DL is fake or not or it has been stolen.

● Delhi traffic police can easily maintain roads with simplicity and ease.

What are the Benefits of the Tartar App:

Tatar app is an online payment app in Delhi from which you can easily pay e challan online you can also check your e Challan status from this app.

Below given are some of the benefits of this app-

● This app contains more than 50 services and it is fast and more secure.

● Tatar app contains all details regarding the police station, its phone number, and email address.

● The app also contains emergency numbers for emergencies.

● There is also a special feature for women ‘s safety if a woman is in danger.

● Tatar’s app special feature also contains many kinds of emergency numbers and the nearest police station location.

Above mentioned some of the basic benefits of this app about its features and advantages.

Paying Your Challan To Delhi Traffic Police:

While you can pay challan online there is also the way through which you can pay challan offline easily, following are the steps through which you can easily pay your challan offline:

● You can pay the fine on the spot or you can visit the nearest police department and you can pay through your cash.

● An individual can also visit Delhi headquarter to pay offline challan.

●a person can also use cash, cheque, or demand draft to pay your challan offline.

Above are the steps which tell you how you can pay your challan offline.


Delhi traffic police have been involved very much in the past few years, they are now using very much high-technologies and also increasing the amount of challan.
Delhi traffic police have also Now introduced a new way of paying you challan online this form is known as e challan, they also have introduced their new app called tartar app.
This app contains all information regarding E-challan and other information about your vehicles, you can also check the challan status from this app.
Delhi traffic police are now using new kinds of Technologies to get offenders, they are now using speed cameras, speed guns, dashboard cameras, and body-mounted cameras.
Delhi traffic police have also increased the amount of challan in the past few years and they are also receiving fines from the offenders so that the accident rate will be dropped. The system has proven to be beneficial as the accident rate has dropped by 66% in the past few years.

Frequently Asked Questions About Delhi Traffic Police (FAQs)

How Can You Pay Your Challan Online?

You can easily pay your e-challan online by visiting the official website or by downloading the app called tartar.

How Can You Check your e Challan Status Online?

You can check your e Challan status online by visiting the official website or downloading an app called tartar and in that, you have to fill in your information regarding vehicle number, driving license number, etc.

Two Challans are Issued on the Same Day?

No, you cannot be fined twice a day unless you are overspeeding but suppose you are fined with a challan and you lost the receipt, you can be fined again with another receipt.

If I Don’t Pay Challan What Happens?

When you are not able to pay your challan in 60 days, a police officer visits your address to collect the amount. If you don’t pay the challan, you can be sentenced to 3 months in jail.

What is the Period to Pay the Challan?

You will get a total of 60 days to pay the challan.

What is the Charge to Jump a Red Light in Delhi?

If you have jumped a red light in Delhi you have to pay a total of 1000 rupees in the form of a fine.

How Can I Cancel My Challan?

From the challan history, you can cancel your otc challan.

Can Vehicle Documents Be Checked By a Normal Policeman Instead Of Delhi Traffic Police?

Yes under the motor vehicle act any more punishment can check your documents for example insurance policy, PUC certificate, and other personal information

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