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Free fire is also known as Garena Free Fire it was first released on 23rd August 2017 it is a type of Battle Royale game available on both Android and IOS game received the “best popular vote game” buy Google play store in the year 2019 and as of now in Google Play Store free fire hack cross over 1 billion downloads and in daily usage freefire have million, active users, globally.

Free fire arrive when the Battle Royale game was new. And its major success is that it provides users with low-end devices with very good gaming experience and as of now people can experience Battle Royale gaming on low-end devices and you can compare it to PUBG ( players unknown Battleground ) required a high-end device to run and everyone does not have a good device so this is the reason why free fire succeeded.

Free Fire Redeem Code Today New

111 dot Studio produced a free fire game with Unity engine, and the game was published by the company known as Garena as of now free fire is popular worldwide including in India, Brazil,l Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia and Pakistan. And the game when it was released it was only 57Mb in size.

In a free fire, you can find many modes that you can play for example classic mode, clash squad mode, kill secured mode and big head mode all of these modes are fun to play. You can even play with your friends to make it more enjoyable. You can even purchase in-game items with the help of coins and diamonds and as of now, the free file has generated of whooping 1.6 billion US dollars in total revenue.

System Requirements:-

System Requirement In Mobile-

Garena free fire is available in both Android and IOS and playing this game requires only 3GB Ram and 32GB internal storage and with this low amount of specs, you can enjoy the free fire.

System Requirement In PC-

Now to run Garena free fire on your computer following hardware specifications is required:

  • The operating system required is windows.
  • The processor requirement is any 2 GHz frequency dual-core processor.
  • Ram requirement is only 2GB.
  • The Graphics card required is Intel HD graphics 3000.
  • Minimum 4GB space in your hard drive or SSD.

Note: The above-mentioned specifications are required only to run the game smoothly but if you want to run the game in high definition you require more good specs.

Sharing Of Free Fire Redeem Code Today New:-

Sharing of ff redeem codes , now you may know that you can purchased in-game items in Garena free fire you’re required to purchase diamonds with real money to get different types of guns skins and different types of clothing.

You can also get free redeem code on the live stream of different kind of youtubers or with free fire redeem code generator.

Now following given steps are required to get ff redeem code of Garena free fire:-

Step 1- you have to visit the official website of Garena free fire.

Step 2- you have to log in using your gamer ID with help of Facebook, Google, Twitter or VK.

Step 3- then you have to simply copy-paste the free fire diamond code or ff reward code and click the confirm button.

Step 4- when you click to confirm the ff reward code will be redeemed and the following game items will be transferred into your account.

Note: After 24 hours the code will get expired so you have to read the code As Quick As Possible otherwise you have to get free fire redeem code today new.

Use Of Diamonds In Garena Free Fire:-

Diamonds in Garena free fire is a type of In-game currency which is used to purchase different types of gun skins, weapon skins game clothing and many more types of garena ff reward things you can also get these things with the help of free redeem code that are mentioned above but free fire redeem code come occasionally in the game that’s why there is the use of Diamonds. Diamonds Are easy to get you can easily purchase the diamonds with the section mentioned above as you can see clearly in the below-mentioned image.

free fire redeem code generator

How Can You Get Diamonds?

Now there are many ways to get diamonds in the free-fire we will discuss this one by one, you can also get Diamonds by free fire Diamond code:-

●In Google Play Store you can easily find an app named was created by Garena itself in this app you will find many streamers of free fire by watching the streamers with a certain time limit you will get a great reward in your free account from that grade you can get diamonds for different kind of in-game rewards.

●To get diamonds in Garena free fire you can also simply purchase the diamonds with the help of real currency following steps are given to tell you that how can you purchase diamonds:-

  • Click on the diamonds button in the top left corner.
  • you will see many diamonds packages.
  • select any one suitable amount of diamond package and select the payment method.
  • Now click on proceed to continue to get that following Diamond package in your free fire account.

There is also a Limited special offer in Garena free fire in the form of special AirDrop through which you can get a good amount of diamonds and rare clothes at a very small price the starting price of the special AirDrop is 29 rupees.

There is also a very special event comes in free fire through which from a very small amount of Diamonds you can get many rare items one of the special events is mystery shop in that by spinning the wheel you can get up to 90% discount you can get Elite passes their clothes on a very small amount.

With the use of Diamonds, you can also send different varieties of gifts to your friend.

Addiction and Demerits Of Garena Free Fire:-

Garena free fire is a Battle Royale game that is fun to play. Its match is about 15 to 20 minutes playing the game they will not stop in one match they will play at least three to four matches which will lead of 1 to 2 hours of total waste, and kids studying in school will make it their habit which will lead to almost every 3-4 hours wastage daily. And in the end, they will addicted to this game at will result in low grades and low self-confidence.

Addiction Of Free Fire –

Free fire is played globally and some kids are addicted to this game, they spend hours playing this game and not just playing this game they will also try to do in-game purchases which will the and lead them to kill their parent’s credit cards and do top-ups, and they can get scammed by any person in the game, there are many cases relating to this topic discussed below:-

● In Thiruvananthapuram teenager named Anujith Anil, was addicted to this game he started playing free fire after class 10th and within three years he was such dedicated and focused on his game that he stopped listening to his parents when he was in his first-year degree he killed himself, he was continuously demanding to his parents that he want a high-end device and want money to do in-game purchases, he played 20 hours a day without getting any proper sleep and he was not even paying attention to his studies.

●In UP, Gonda two kids were such dedicated to the free fire that they stole their parent’s credit card and did 1 lac rupees top-up in their free fire account and purchased in-game items.

● In Madhya Pradesh, Chhatarpur district a teenage boy of class 6th took his life because of addiction to free fire, he left a suicide note stating he took an extreme step after losing rupees 40k in free fire, and because of that MP government police complaint on free fire.

The above mentioned are some of the cases of free fire addiction showing that addiction of anything can be that bad, because of mere game children took their life.

There is nothing wrong with playing games but it should be played at a limit.

Demerits Of Free Fire:-

Now if there are merits of anything demerits are also there, here we are going to discuss the demerits of free fire. Now first we will discuss some merits of this game.

Advantages Of Free Fire-

● one game is roughly 10 to 15 minutes so it will save your time.

● it saves the storage of the phone as the size is small.

● because of its low size, the trash file size is also low.

● there are many kinds of modes available in the game so you didn’t get bored and you can enjoy the game to its fullest.

● you can also play this game with your friends and forms squads and can play different kinds of modes.

● there is also a tournament of e-sports held every year and you can also participate in the tournament and you can earn money cool prices.

Disadvantages Of Free Fire-

● now as mentioned above one game is Roughly about 10 to 15 minutes, this statement is stated by the company itself, but in reality, it is something else one game takes about 15 to 20 minutes and if a person is playing any Battle Royale game he will not stop at one game he will surely play three to four games more and this will lead to 1 to 2 hours of total wastage.

● if a student is addicted to this game it will majorly affect his/her studies.

● there is no way to get diamonds in the game without any purchase .so, in the end, the person had to spend some real currency in the game to get items in the game.

● as stated it runs on low-end devices also but update after update the size of the game is increasing and the players with the lower and device are now not able to play this game anymore.

● some kids in the greed of getting items in a game end up spending all of their money are in the game.

How To Purchase In-Game Items:-

To purchase in-game items in the free fire, there are two modes available you can purchase in-game items with the help of coins or with Diamonds. you can get coins by playing matches had you can get Diamonds by spending your real currency in the game and you can watch streamers in the booyah app and you will be rewarded with a creat in which you will get in-game items or diamonds.

Now following steps shows how you can purchase different items in the game-

● if you already have diamonds or coins open the store.

● there are different sections available, click on any of the sections that you want to purchase.

● suppose you want to purchase crates click on the create option.

● now select which gun crate you want to purchase.

● now select the number of crates.

● now click on the purchase button and your purchase will be successful and you will get your free fire reward.

Types Of Sub Games Available In Free Fire:-

Free fire have a variety of dozens of game modes available in every event a new game mode is available, this makes free fire unique from other Battle Royale games, not the only game mode you will also find many new custom game modes available in this game, here we will discuss every type of game modes available in Garena free fire, following given are some of the most popular game modes available in free fire:

ff redeem code today

Classic Mode- Classic mode is a normal type of mode available in a free fire this in total there are 50 players landed on a map you can play this mode in solo, duo and squad.

Ranked Mode- Ranked mode is also a normal type of game mode available in free fire, like other Battle Royale games in this there is a total, 50 players landed on a map

But there is a speciality in this mode if you will play wisely and remain till the last you will get the rank point and the more secular will play the more rank Points you will get and this will determine your rank.

Rush Hour- it is a special type of game mode available in a free fire in this or a small region of the map is available in which you will get high quality loots that are available in ear drops, and this makes this Mod very fun to play.

Clash Squad Mode- clash squad mod is very popular in free fire nowadays because of its unique games style in this there are a total of four matches available and two squads fight with each other, in this, you can buy guns with the points you will get after killing each player and winning a match.

Clash Squad Rank Mode- clash squad rank mode is very similar to clash squad mode but in this, there is a rank system like rank mode the more you will play the more rank point you will get.

Custom Matches- it is also very much popular in a free fire in this you can create your own game with custom modifications, to create a custom match you should have a custom card, you can easily get a custom card from the store or the guild Point.

Rampage Game Mode- Rampage mode is a very unique type of game mode available in free fire, but it comes very rarely, once a year this by killing each player you will get an additional but on your character, which will make you faster and more durable.

The above discussed are some of the very popular game modes available in the free-fire but there are dozens of game modes available in free fire you can check it out by yourself by downloading the game.

How To Buy An Elite Pass:-

Elite pass is like a royal pass in free fire and it is very cheap, From Elite pass, you can get exciting bundles and many rewards by collecting batches and you can get better by completing achievements or by playing games.

Following steps are given to buy an Elite pass-

  • Purchase 499 diamonds.
  • After purchasing diamonds open the elite pass section.
  • Select the 499 diamonds package available.
  • Click on buy.

How To Get Elite Pass Free:-

following given are some steps from which you can get an Elite pass for free-

free fire rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards is an online survey app from which you can get easy money by answering some questions. You can collect the money from this app to purchase an Elite pass and can get Garena ff reward.

free redeem code

Image source: google play store

Game Events

free fire introduces different types of events every month from which you can get 50% discounts on diamond packages and you can easily purchase an Elite pass at a very low cost.

How To Get Free Diamond:-

Diamond is an in-game currency available in free fire through which you can purchase many types of items in the game.

Now following are some ways from which you can get free diamonds:-

free fire diamond code

Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards is an online survey app in which you can solve questions from that you can make easy money and through that money, you can easily purchase diamonds.

Booyah App

Booyah app is an online streaming platform released by Garena free fire in this you can watch many streamers to a particular time limit and you will be rewarded with crates in your free account and through that crate, you can get diamonds and free fire reward.

garena ff reward

Image source: google play store


You can play free fire tournament and you can be rewarded with Diamonds or redeem the code itself and through that free fire redeem code today new you can easily purchase Diamond packages.

Scope In Free Fire Gaming:-

Free fire is a wide gaming industry you can make your future in this game, following are some ways through which you can make your future in this game:-

Opening A YouTube Channel

Though YouTube channels are very common nowadays, you can stream or show your Pro gameplay on YouTube and you can easily get many audiences and through that, you can easily earn money and you can also hold tournaments.

Playing Tournaments

If you have good Gameplay in free fire you can easily play many large tournaments and can earn up to 40k rupees, there are many tournaments held by YouTubers or by the game itself you can make your squad and participate and can earn money.

Partner Program

If you are having a well-established YouTube channel or you are a very known personality in the free-fire gaming industry, you can easily join the free fire partner program and true that you can earn money.

Free Fire Esports Tournaments:-

Free fire held sports tournaments every year and it is a golden opportunity for those players who are having very good gameplay in this game and you can even make your career in sports online gaming there are dozens of tournaments held every day, you can easily participate in this kind of tournament to earn easy money.

Pay To Win In Free Fire:-

Pay to win in free fire used to be in the year 2019 because there was no pay to win at that time.

No, you will think what is pay to win?

Pay to win is a system in which you have to use real currency to win in the game now I am not saying that you have to pay money to enter a game or something like that I am saying that in every event which comes in a free fire there is a used diamond. Now if you are a free fire player you know that you don’t get diamonds for free you have to pay real cash to get diamonds.

Now, this system makes the game very much unstable, like there are many guns skins available in the free-firee which are having attributes example in some skin there are attributes like increase in damage, increase in accuracy or increase in the rate of Fire.

And you don’t get the skins for free. yes, you have to purchase diamonds and put that diamonds in the web events in the game to gun skin.

Now think of a player with gameplay, who don’t purchase diamonds with normal guns and a player with average gameplay who purchase on a lot of Diamonds with gun skins. Who wins win? ObviouTheakes twins pay to win and make the game unstable.

Even for purchasing clothes, you have to put diamonds in the game. This system is not liked by many players in my opinion the game is very good but free fire should resolve this problem as soon as possible or they will lose a large base of players.

The free free free used to give free diamonds in the year 2019 by simply watching 10 ads per day, you can get 10 diamonds. But free fire removes this feature because of two problems:

● Google Play Store released a policy in which they said, if any app is showing ads and giving rewards to their customers the app will be removed from the Play Store.

● The players start watching the ad and stopped purchasing the diamonds and getting diamonds by simply watching the ad and this was harming free fire.

FAQ Related To Free Fire:-

1). What is the minimum requirement of playing free fire on mobile?

– Your phone should have at least 3GB Ram and 4GB space.

2). Can we play free fire on the computer?

– You can easily play free fire on a computer on any emulator.

3). When was free fire released?

– Free fire was released in the year 2017 on 27 August, its initial game size was only 57 MB.

4). What is the minimum age requirement to play free fire?

– It depends on the ratings of different countries but, in most of the countries, free fire is rated 13+, which means the children’s above 13 years of age can play this game.

5). Which came first free fire or PUBG?

– Pubg came first, it was first released in the year of 2017 23rd March and the free-fire was released in the year of 2017, 27th August.

6). Which is the most subscribed channel of free fire?

– Currently, Total Gaming channel from India have the most subscribers, he is having over 30 million subscribers on YouTube.

7). Players of which country plays the free fire most?

– Players of Thailand plays Free fire the most.


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