Gerard Moreno Wins UEFA Europa League: Manchester United FC

Gerard Moreno: Bruno Fernandes and Edinson Cavani were finished ahead of UEFA Europa League by Gerard Moreno, Manchester United FC.

The Manchester United pair both Edinson Cavani & the Bruno Fernandes were finished ahead, because they want to win the 5th edition of the award, the 5th edition of the award was announced when the stage was drawn in Istanbul by the UEFA Europa League group.

In the past two seasons Gerard Moreno was the leading marksman, On the international stage Moreno had showcased his attacking power & skills with five assists and seven goals in twelve outings. Gerard Moreno had do so as they want to become the winner & top scorer of Europa League.

The first player in the match to score 30+ goals for Villarreal is Gerard Moreno with against all the top competitions which are playing since Giuseppe Rossi in the year 2010-2011

The 48 clubs that are held during the last season’s group stage was a jury which was formed by the coaches. They all do together with not 1 or 2 instead of that they are a team of 55 journalists which are selected and chosen by the (ESM) European Sports Media group, and they all are one from each group UEFA member association.

With the first receiving five points the Jury members picked their top three players. Also they mentioned a rule that Coaches were unable to choose and vote players from their own team.


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