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Jackpot Result: Kerala State Lotteries is a lottery programme operated by the Government of Kerala. Started nearly 55 years ago under the lottery department of the Government of Kerala, it is the first type of lottery seen in India, Under the department of administration.

Lottery Jackpot Result with Different Prize patterns weekly and few Bumper Lotteries are also the lotteries which are involved in various types.

There are 7 weekly lotteries performed by the Kerala State Lottery Department presently. The draw is completed at 3 p.m. At Thiruvananthapuram (East Fort).

How To Play Kerala State Lottery & Get Good Jackpot Result

The introductory government lotto in our country is the Kerala State Lottery. Since it first commenced operating, it has been encouraging other states to pursue suit and establish their lotteries.

The best thing about the Kerala lottery is that it gives a lottery draw daily in the week, with 6 Bumper lotteries that are established during valuable religious vacations and events.

For example, the month of April is the most important month of Vishu. Is there any other better way to enjoy the state’s carnival than by buying a ticket for the Bumper draw and achieving a prize?

If you’ve never taken part in these lottery draws, you can always search the Kerala State lottery Jackpot Result website for more precise knowledge.

Sadly, you can’t take part in the draws online mode, as compared to international lottery draws, you can only buy tickets for the Kerala lottery from land-based merchandisers and stores.

Kerala Jackpot Result

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To find daily Jackpot Lottery Result, then you should bookmark this page for further visit, Jackpot Today Result Jackpot Result, KL Jackpot, Kerala Lottery Chart. Kerala Jackpot on following schedule in a day: 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 6:30, 7:30. If you want to earn a large amount of money by playing this type of lotteries then follow us you are in the right/perfect place. We are gonna show you all the Results announced in Kerala Jackpot 03-09-2021. There are lots of results announced in Kerala Jackpot several times.

Game Date 01-01-2022

Game Status Active

10:30 A.M 1st Prize – 731 and 2nd Prize – 31

11:30 A.M 1st Prize – 167 and 2nd Prize – 67

12:30 P.M 1st Prize – 762 and 2nd Prize – 62

1:30 P.M 1st Prize – 602 and 2nd Prize – 02

3:30 P.M 1st Prize – 480 and 2nd Prize – 80

5:30 P.M 1st Prize – 753 and 2nd Prize – 53

6:30 P.M 1st Prize – 354 and 2nd Prize – 54

7:30 P.M 1st Prize – Wait and 2nd Prize – Wait

How To Claim Prize Money Jackpot Result

Did you buy Kerala lottery tickets? If you have earned prize money in Kerala Lottery, then you must know how to claim it. The winner of a jackpot shall submit the prize-winning ticket within a month of the draw with all essential documents as per the official website. Prizes up to Rs. 100k may be claimed from the District Lottery Offices concerned.

Nevertheless, prize-winning tickets above Rs.1 Lakh shall be withdrawn before the Director of State Lotteries after connecting the signature, on the backside of the tickets with the following documents:

  • Claim application with your signature on both sides.
  • 2 Passport size photos of the prize-winner which are duly attested by a Gazetted Officer/Notary.
  • A receipt for the prize money in the prescribed format with attaching an income stamp worth Rs.1/- with the full place of the prize-winner (download).
  • If the prize winner is not 18 years old, a Guardianship certificate from an eligible authority.
  • Self-attested copy of the PAN Card to get and claim the Jackpot Result
  • Attested document to confirm originality ( Attested copy of Passport, Ration Card, Driving License, Election ID Card etc)

Prize amount can also be claimed through any bank account. The prize-winning ticket should be submitted to the bank with all the above documents if needed. The bank should propose the claim to the Director of State Lotteries with the following certificates:

1. The Authorisation letter from the prize-winner (download)

2. The certificate from the collecting bank (download)

Tax After Getting Good Jackpot Result

For prize money more than Rs. 10k, income tax at the established rate will be reduced and transferred into the central government account. If you will win prize money of more then Rs. 10k/- then a tax of 30% will be deducted from your winning money. For the agent’s award claims an amount equal to 10% of the claim will be subtracted as income tax. Momentarily no surcharge or educational cess is deducted as per the Income Tax rules. Prize-winning tickets above Rs.100k to Rs.2M shall be approved for payment by the Deputy Director(Prize) and that above 2M by the Director.

Benefits Of Kerala Lottery Jackpot Result

There are numerous advantages bound to the Kerala State Lottery. The GST obtained from the sale of lottery tickets and the Jackpot Result has assisted several welfare schemes in Kerala.

One of these is the Karunya scheme that contributes financial help to citizens of the state that can not pay for their medical bills. Since its inception, it has helped more than 27k citizens The scheme focuses mainly on providing financial relief to the poor people of Kerala suffering from serious disorders like Heart diseases Cancer, Haemophilia, ney and for Palliative Care

Karunya Benevolent Fund (Jackpot Result)

Karunya Benevolent Fund provides financial support for needy people suffering from serious disorders, by boosting funds through the Kerala lottery Jackpot Result.

Financial assistance to disadvantaged people which are categorized like critical sicknesses, Cancer, Kidney Failure, Haemophilia, and heart slow rate/heart diseases along with Palliative care is provided by Karunya Benevolent Fund. The amount for the health scheme is raised through the lottery. This welfare measure will be helpful to those who experience ailments, the cost of medication of which is proved to be intolerable to lower and even middle society.

The income produced through the sale of the Karunya Lotteries is entirely dedicated to expanding financial allowance to the purpose. Karunya Lottery comes out with a desirable structure giving Rs. 1 crore as 1st prize.

Is It Possible To Practice This Game Before Participating?

Yes, by watching videos in YouTube will help you a lot, in this way you can practice the game before participating.

How Does This Game Work?

This game works by guessing numbers. Many people will participate in this game and guess numbers, after the declaration of the result the person who perfectly guessed the number will won the game and bring the 1st prize money.

Does Jackpot Result Comes With One Winner?

No, Jackpot Result comes with more then one winner.

Is This A Legal Game? Jackpot Result Is Safe?

Yes, in some states like Kerala, West Bengal, Sikkim and Nagaland, this game is completely free to play i.e. without any stoppage. On these states this type of lottery games are organised in the observation of Government. Except from these states, people are not allowed to play this type of lottery game.

What Is The Minimum Bid For Jackpot Lottery For Getting Good Result?

As per their instructions, there is no limitation in minimum and maximum bid. Anyone from these states can bid any amount according to them. And the prize money slightly varies from states and areas according to the types of people living there.

Can I Buy More Than One Lottery Ticket Of The Same Draw Date?

Yes, you can buy as much lottery ticket as you want on the same date. There is no limitations on anything regarding this type of games.

If I Lose The Match And Do Not Win It, Will I Get A Refund?

No, if you will not win the game then all of your invested money on that game in the same or other dates, all money will be lose and you will not get any type of refund.

Kerala Lotteries: Official Website

HPSEDC: Home-Page


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