OMICRON Variant Of Covid-19 Prevention And Symptoms

A new deadly Omicron variant of Covid-19 has been reported to spread across the world. This variant has been marked as the “most concerning”.

What Is Omicron Variant Of Covid-19?

Omicron Covid-19 is a new variant of Sars-Covid 2 firstly detected in South Africa on Wednesday. It was also found in Botswana Hong Kong, Italy and the United Kingdom. This means that the new variant of Covid-19 has been already spread in different parts of the world.

The WHO has marked the omicron Covid-19 a “variant of concern” that means it is more transmissible.

What We Exactly Know About The New Variant Of Covid-19?

Researchers say that the omicron Covid-19 variants are highly contagious and it is more contagious than the Delta variant.

So far this new variant has infected young people’s and its symptoms are: this virus exhaust the person fully and their body becomes sore and their body aches. The cases of South Africa related to covid-19 are relatively low right now.

Everything About The New Variant Of Covid-19:-

This new variant is very concerning and it has many other mutations. Research says that this virus has more risk of infection as compared to other variants of VOCs. In South Africa, this variant is spreading quickly. This variant is currently detected by SARS Covid 2 PCR Diagnostics.

What Should Countries Do?

Following are the steps allotted by WHO countries to follow:-

  • For better understanding and circulating of SARS-COV-2 variants, the country should enhance surveillance.
  • They should submit their sequences of genome and metadata to a database that is available publicly.
  • They should use the IHR mechanism to report to WHO about initial cases related to VOC.

What Should Individuals Do?

To reduce the risk of Covid-19, the individuals are provided to take proper measures following the rules such as wearing masks properly, sanitizing themselves regularly, maintaining proper distancing, and improving the ventilation of a house.

Image showing fewer people due to spread of Coronavirus

Symptoms Of Omicron Covid-19:-

Currently, no unusual symptoms have been detected by the new variant of Covid-19. People who are infected with the omicron variant are asymptomatic.

Can The Same Tests For Covid-19 Detect The New Variant?

Current Sars-Cov-2 PCR diagnosis will detect this variant. This test can be used as a marker for this new variant.

What Makes Omicron Dangerous?

The people who have been earlier getting infected by Covid-19 has a high risk of getting infected by this new variant. This new variant even has high infection rate than the earlier variants of Covid-19. This will end is even more transmissible.

From Africa Botswana sample B.1.1.529 have been taken. The researchers were shocked when they found out that it has more than 30 mutations. Researchers are still studying this new variant and finding out its causes. W.H.O has already warned to not overreact before they fully studied this new variant.

Sharon peacock who is a led genetic Sequencing of Covid-19 at Cambridge University sad this new variant has many more other mutations.

Director of genetic Institute Francis bollox at the university college of London said that this new mutation is more Virulent and transmissible.

Global Panicking:-

The flight coming from South Africa has been already suspended in European Union. The same goes for Canada and United States they have also banned any sort of air travelling from South Africa.

According to India, the nations which are currently at risk are:- UK Brazil Botswana Singapore Israel HK New Zealand Zimbabwe South Africa and China.

Currently, there are no new cases of this variant of Covid-19 in India so far.

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Planning Of India To Track This New Variant Of Covid-19:-

Following are the steps are given below that the Indian government has planned to track this new variant of Covid-19:-

  • The Indian government has told all the states to take proper caution and measures especially the persons who are coming from out of India and those who are coming from South Africa.
  • Rajesh Bhushan who is a Union Health secretary wrote a letter to the secretary of all health States principal secretary and all of the union territories to apply strict implementation.

Meeting Called By The Delhi Government To Discuss The New Variant Of Covid-19:-

Delhi was the worst affected city of Covid-19 in the area pandemic the government called a meeting of Delhi disaster management authority to discuss the steps that should be taken to prevent the spread of new variant of Covid-19 the disaster management authority of Delhi suggest that the national capital of India should be protected from the new variant of Covid-19.

New Guidelines Announced By Australia To Protect Their Country By Covid-19:-

Australia has decided to announce new restrictions on international travel and this whole thing was broadcasted on countries channel 7.

The government will announce new steps on travelling and in other measures to protect Australia from Covid-19.

The Australian government has announced that the person who has travelled to South Africa should be in quarantine or Isolation for a minimum 14 of days to safeguard Australia.

Steps Taken By The Britain Government For The New Variant Of Covid-19:-

Same as the other countries the Britain government has also announced that they will Ban the flights coming from South Africa for several days.

Many other countries worldwide such as Switzerland, Israel, Japan, Europe has also put many restrictions on international travel.

New Vaccines Developed BioNTech And Pfizer

They are not sure whether their new vaccine would work on the new variant of Covid-19.

They have also promised that they are going to develop a new Vaccine for the new variant of Covid-19 within three days.

The statement was released on Friday. companies said that they are concerned about the new variant of Covid-19 and have immediately started to work to develop a new vaccine for this new variant.

These two companies have asked for further more data about the new variant of Covid-19 to develop a new vaccine.

Booster Shot To Be Developed By Moderna:-

Against the new variant of Covid-19, the Moderna said that they are going to develop a booster shot on Friday.

This is one of the three steps that the company is taking to threaten the new variant of Covid 19. The CEO of Moderna Stephane cancels said that they have been moving very fast to execute the strategy on this new variant of Covid 19 as it is having more than thirty mutations.

This company is also planning to make a higher dose of the existing Vaccine of Covid-19.

Source: World Health Organisation

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