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Sericulture Recruitment 2022

Sericulture is a process that includes the cultivation of silkworms to produce silk. There are many species of silkworms available to produce silk but the most commonly used is bombyx Mori, rearing of silkworms is also known as sericulture.

The leading producer of silk in India and China, they both combined produce 60% of the total silk in the world. In many countries, it is the most important domestic industry.


It is of fibre which is made up of sericin and fibroin, the core of the Silk is made up of sericin which covers 20% part of the silk more than 80% part of the Silk is made up of fibroin. There are different kinds of silk available which are listed below-

  • Mulberry silk and its colour are yellow or green.
  • Muga silk and its colour is Golden.
  • Eri silk and its colour is white or red.
  • Tasar silk and its colour are brown.

Making Process Of Silk

The Making Process of the Silk is given below-


The first step of making Silk is gathering healthy eggs, these healthy eggs are placed in cold storage and are ready to hatch, the worms which emerge from the eggs are only 3.2 mm long.


The second step includes feeding the Lava, the larva is fed by Mulberry leaves, the leaves are fed to Lava every hour for 20 to 35 days. By feeding the Lava they grow from 3.2 mm to 8.9 cm.


After the feeding process larva prepares themselves to make a cocoon, they attach themselves to some support to make a cocoon.


the fourth step includes destroying the chrysalis, this step is done to prevent the larva to emerge into moths.


In the fifth step, the cocoons are transferred to the factory to filtrete Silk Threads from them, the cocoons are left in the hot water for a long time to loosen their gum and these cocoons are sorted by their characteristics.


In this process the Silk thread is extracted from the cocoons by the process of reeling, this process is done by putting the cocoons in a wheeled in which it is rolled after.

Silk Yarn-

The other name of the Silk thread is yarn the yarn is made by twisting and throwing the silk. These are again and soaked into hot water to lose their sericin.

These are twisted and turned to achieve a particular texture of silk threads. Then these are rolled again into the wheels to give it a fine texture.

Final step-

The final step involves degumming of the remaining sericin in the yarn, when all of this process is done the Silk is fine, textured and ready to be packed. The weighting of the packages of silk Threads is done.


The job of the sericulturist involves rearing and producing silk. Producing Silk is a very tedious job and these days it is very rare to see rearing Silkworms, deer jobs mainly include rearing silkworms and to produce raw silk.

India produces 60% of silk worldwide annually and the pay for this job is very high and it comes under government jobs, their job involves every step in the making of silk from collecting the Mulberry leaves to rearing the worms.

Sericulture Recruitment 2022 Opportunity

The job of the sericulturist is very common and it involves every step in making Silk threads, here we will discuss all types of job opportunities present in this sector.


As discussed earlier it is the most common job in India, their job involves every step in the making process of the silk threads. Rearing silkworms, cultivating Mulberry leaves, analysing silkworms comes under in their job.


To do research and development for the industry the researchers are tied up with the state or National Institutes to work with them.

To apply for this job you should have a PhD degree in sericulture.


The job of the professor is to teach about sericulture to the students in university, professor has many years of experience in sericulture jobs. To apply for the professor job you need to have many years of experience and a masters degree in sericulture.

Sericulture Recruitment 2022 Jobs

Sericulture have many employment Centre under some of the sectors are listed below-

  • Private engine and firms.
  • Institutes.
  • Institutes related to research.
  • Organisations of government.


  • Council of Indian Silk export.
  • Board of Central Silk.
  • Research and training of Central sericulture.

Sericulture Recruitment 2022 Salary Structure

There are many fields available in send culture and their salaries vary from in which field they are working in. There are Government and private sericulture industries which pay different salaries however the basic payment of a sericulturist start from 11000 rupees and can get up to 40000 rupees per month.

Below given is the salary structure of a sericulturist:-

  • Basic- basic payment is 1.8 lakh rupees annually.
  • Average- average payment is 3.6 lakh rupees annually.
  • Higher-hire payment is 500000 rupees or more annually.

Eligibility Criteria Of Sericulture Recruitment 2022

You should be mentally and physically fit to become a sericulturist however there are also different kinds of eligibility criteria to become a sericulturist.

Below given points tell us about the eligibility criteria required to become a sericulturist-

  • You should have your 10th result from a recognised board.
  • Same for class 12th you should have your result from a recognised board.
  • Your stream should be either maths or bio to become a sericulturist.
  • You should have a degree in Bachelors of science.
  • You should also have a degree in master of Science in sericulture.

Sericulture Recruitment 2022 Age limit

  • The minimum age required is 18 years and the maximum age is 42 years.
  • The age relaxation for SC and ST is 5 years.
  • For OBC is 5 years.
  • For General is 10 years.

Sericulture Recruitment 2022 Qualifications

To become a sericulturist you should also have a strong knowledge of the tools which are used in sericulture and different kind of things other than qualifications.

Below are the points that tell the necessary qualifications-

  • You should know about eaves.
  • You should know the rearing process, temperature, humidity and how to maintain it.
  • What kind of nutrition is required for the silkworm.
  • You should know how to use rearing tools.

Sericulture Recruitment 2022 Duties

Blue given are the duties of sericulturist-

  • You should know how to breed insects.
  • Feed the insects and grow them.
  • The production process should be carried out and storage should be maintained.
  • Sericulturists should also maintain the stocks and transport them.

The Best College For Sericulture

To pursue your career as a sericulturist here are some of the top colleges through which you can become a sericulturist-

  • Tamilnadu Agriculture University.
  • Forest College and Research Institute.
  • Assam Agricultural University.
  • Delhi University.
  • Agricultural Science University.

Requirement Of Skills

Below given points are the required to become a sericulturist-

  • Dexterity of manual and finger.
  • Outstanding eyesight.
  • Patient, stamina and concentration.
  • Mentally and physically fit.

Courses Of Sericulture

The study of sericulture mainly involves rearing silkworms, different species etc. Below given are the courses which are required to become a sericulturist-

Bachelors Of Science In Sericulture

The course fee is rupees 1.4 lakh and the time duration is 3 years.

Sericulture M Phil

The course fee is rupees 1 lakh and the time duration is 2 years.

Sericulture Diploma

The course fee is rupees 5000 and the time duration is 6 months.

Sericulture Certificate

The course fee is rupees 10000 and the time duration is 1 year.

Sericulture Recruitment 2022 Payment And Fees Of Application

The examination and the application fees are only 400 rupees. For SC, ST and OBC the examination and application field is only 200 rupees. You can pay the fee through online net banking.

Apply For AP VSA Online Application

The application for AP will be released on the official website and all the candidates are required to fill this application.

Below given are the steps through which you can easily apply for this application-

  • Visit the official website of AP in any of the search engines or web browsers.
  • Now simply fill up your OTR application, make sure that there are no mistakes.
  • Now open the official website and submit the application and fill up your details like name, ID and date of birth.
  • Now verify all your information.
  • Now simply click on submit option.

Information Required

Below given are the documents required to fill the AP VSA application-

  • Aadhar card.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Caste certificate.
  • Income certificate.
  • Education qualifications.

Sericulture Recruitment 2022 Exam Centres

The exam paper will be in OMR and you have to select your district for appearing in the exam.

You can apply for up to 3 districts and you will be allotted in any of these three selected districts as an exam centre.

Sericulture Recruitment 2022 Process Of Selection

You will be selected by how much you have scored in the exam and through the interview.

On the Ine commissions website, you can apply for the post by simply registering your data by one time profile registration after you have filled in your information you will be granted the ID.

Answer Key Of AP VSA

On the official website, the answer key will be published and in two stages the answer sheet will be released, that you can easily calculate your marks through the answer key and it will let you know how much you have scored in the written examination.

Sericulture Recruitment 2022 Results

The result of AP VSA will be released online on the official website. You can easily login into the website with your ID and pass and can see the result online.

Sericulturist Scope In India

Sericulture is a very wide industry in India and it is a major crash crop. Sericulture is based on cocoons and their rearing.

You can easily apply for the sericulture job when you meet the eligibility criteria which are mentioned above in the article. If you are a graduate you can easily apply for jobs like the director and Research officer.

Sericulture Recruitment 2022 Conclusion

India produce 60% Silk worldwide and in India, it is a wide industry, Silk thread is made and exported in different parts of the world. The process of making a Silk have been discussed above in the article.

To become a sericulturist you should have a degree in Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science in sericulture and you should be passed 10th and 12th from a recognised board. The basic payment of a sericulturist starts from 11000 and can get up to 40000 rupees.

Other than education qualification you should also have knowledge regarding sericulture tools and how to use them and how to breed Larva and feed them.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

What is the basic pay of a sericulturist?

The basic pay of a sericulturist starts from 11000 and it goes up to 40 thousand rupees.

What is the age limit to become a sericulturist?

The age limit required to become sericulture is to vary from 18 to 40 years.

How to apply for AP VSA?

You need to visit the official website and fill up the required information and you will be able to apply for AP VSA.

Who are sericulturists?

These are the peoples who produce silk.

What is sericulture?

The rearing of silkworms and to produce Silk is commonly called sericulture.

Last vacancy of sericulture in India

8 December Noida Project of engineer and manager
8 December ISSAC Investigator of field
7 December CSIR Associate of project

How to apply for a sericulture job in Assam?

To apply for a sericulture job visit the official website and on the homepage find the notification link of the required print which is the latest and then read the instruction properly to apply for the job.

Official Website: Click Here

Home-Page: HPSEDC

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