TEC Exam 2022 Registration, Eligibility, Benefits

TEC Exam

In this article, we will discuss the TEC Exam Course for the CSC. As you are all aware, if you want to open your own CSC Center, you must first obtain a TEC exam Certificate.

Without a TEC Certificate Number, you will not be able to do so. Since applicants for CSC will not be able to submit their applications online, they will need to first register with TEC.

It is important to note that TEC exam registration is not free; you must pay a charge of up to Rs. 1500/-, which is (Non-Refundable) and will not be reimbursed, if you decide to proceed with the registration process. Because this is a Certificate Course, you must complete ten assignments as well as a final exam before you may graduate. CSC Academy has developed the CSC Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC), which is intended for aspiring entrepreneurs.

When you pass the TEC Exam and the ten assignments and the final exam, you are awarded the TEC Certificate by CSC Academy, which allows you to work as a Certified VLE. However, passing the TEC Certificate Exam is not as simple as passing the TEC Exam.

How to Prepare for the CSC Telecentre Entrepreneur Course TEC Exam?

You do not need to purchase any books to study for the TEC exam since, before you can sit for the online TEC exam, you must first complete 10 tasks that are divided into distinct TEC courses. Because a PDF is provided to you directly in front of each assignment, and the PDF Syllabus contains the syllabus for your assignment exam, you will be able to locate solutions to all questions that were asked in the assignment by looking through the PDF Syllabus.

The assignment for the tec exam will be easier to pass if you prepare by reading the provided PDF syllabus before taking the exam. If you fail the assignment exam the first time, then you will have the option to retake the assignment exam for free. It’s the same for the final exam, which you must pass after passing all ten assignments.

Why is TEC Exam Important?

If you want to register a NEW CSC and a TEC certificate has been declared required for that purpose, then the process of TEC registration for that purpose is different, and you must follow the steps outlined below to obtain your CSC TEC certificate. To participate in the course, you must first register.

Let us inform you that if you already have CSC VLE, you already possess the TEC certificate, which stands for Telecentre Entrepreneur Course, and if you wish to obtain the TEC certificate, which stands for Certificate Course in Entrepreneurship, you must take the CCE rather than someone else’s TEC certificate, which stands for Certificate Course in Entrepreneurship. For this, you must first register, and then you will be able to apply for a new CSC after completing this course.

Tec Entrepreneur

CSC Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC) is a certificate course developed by CSC Academy, in which participants are provided with knowledge on the services provided by Telecentre & Digital Seva Portal, and in addition, a test known as the TEC Exam is administered to participants. There are a total of eleven exams, with ten assignments and one final exam. If you pass the TEC exam, you will be able to work in a certified virtual learning environment (VLE).

Tec Exam Questions and Answers

Module 1: Fundamentals of Telecentre

When students enroll in the first TEC exam Course, they are asked questions about the fundamentals of Telecentres, such as what a Telecentre is and why it is important, how it works, how many different types of Telecentres are there, and what the differences are between Governance, E-Government, and Telecentres, which are addressed in Assignment 1.

Module 2: Entrepreneur & Entrepreneurship

Questions about Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship are asked in the second TEC course. Examples of such questions include: who are entrepreneurs and what are the different types of entrepreneurs, what are the characteristics of an entrepreneur and what are the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs, and what exactly is entrepreneurship.

Module 3: Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business Services (Telecentre Entrepreneur Course)

There are issues on G2C & B2C Services supplied by CSC in the TEC Course, such as what are e-districts and how do they work, that can be answered in the course.

Besides FASTag, passport, PAN Card, Prime Minister’s Awas Scheme, FSSAI, and other services, what other services are supplied by the organization?

Module 4: Common Services Center Models and Concepts

In the Common Services Center Scheme TEC Course, questions about VLE are asked, such as what is the objective of CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, and what is the aim of CSC e-Governance Services India Limited.

What is the CSC SPV and what is the role of the CSC SPV, or who are VLEs, what are VLE societies, and who are the people who are assigned caste by the CSC C service

Module 5: Seva Portal (Digital Seva Portal) (Telecentre Entrepreneur Course)

In the Digital Seva Portal TEC Course, questions about CSC are posed, such as: what is the significance of the Module Paper to be held in the TEC Exam and what is the Digital Seva Portal; and what is the Digital Seva Portal.

Assignment 5 inquires about what services are supplied in it, as well as what CAD Courses are available.

Module 6: Digital Security And Wellness

Questions about the Digital Security and Wellness TEC Course (Digital Security and Wellness) are frequently asked, including how to prevent Internet Cyber Crime and how to maintain digital security and wellness.

Additionally, how it will be used for the service and welfare of others will be discussed, as well as how to strengthen digital security on a smartphone.

Copyright infringement and legal challenges are two of the most pressing concerns in today’s society.

Module 7: Finance And Accounting

When taking the Finance & Accounting TEC Course, you will be asked questions that are connected to financial accounting.

Finance and accounting are discussed, as well as the purpose of accounting in any business. Questions asked in the tec exam are also asked about the origins and development of accounting, as well as the nature of accounting and the branches of accounting, among other things.

Module 8: Goods and Services Tax (GST)

TEC Course on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) In this section, questions on the Products and Services Tax (GST), which is levied on goods and services, are asked, such as what is the Goods and Services Tax, what are the benefits of GST, what was the tax law before to GST, and how to register for GST. GST Registration Fees, How to Do It, and so on.

Module 9: Soft Skills (Telecentre Entrepreneur Course)

Skills (soft skills) should be required to perform any work, including understanding what soft skills are, what features soft skills have, and how to develop soft skills.

What are soft skills, how do you apply them, and who are they? What are the factors that have an impact on entrepreneurialism?

Module 10: Business Communication

Business Communication TEC exam Course includes questions about business communication, such as what is business communication, what are the different types of business communication, and other similar questions.

What are the primary components of the communication process, and how do they interact?

What is the significance of corporate communication, body language, and communication in the context of communication?

TEC CSC Registration Process

Those who wish to start a CSC center must first obtain a TEC certificate by passing tec exam before they may register with CSC.

•First and foremost, residents must go to the official website of the TEC CSC registration to register.

The home page appears; select the Login option from the drop-down menu.

On the following page, select the register option under Certificate Course in Entrepreneurship from the drop-down menu (CCE).

The registration page will show on your computer’s display.

Fill out the registration form with your name, mobile number, email ID, state, district, residence, gender, date of birth, and the names of your father, mother, and spouse, among other information.

Upload a photo of yourself in passport size and enter the captcha code.

To complete the TEC CSC registration process, select the submit option.

Following the submission of the registration form, the payment page will be displayed.

Applicants can make their payments using a variety of payment methods, including credit card, debit card, UPI, net banking, and others.

Select your preferred payment option and complete the transaction.

Payment of Rs 1479 is required as part of the registration process.

  • Following receipt of payment, applicants will be provided with a username and password for use with the TEC login.

TEC CSC Services

Through the TEC CSC centers, more than 300 services are offered and can be accessed by anyone in need. Some of them are as follows:

Application for a Passport

Insurance Services is a software program.

Services provided by the e-District

Insurance firms that provide premium services, such as LIC, SBI, and others

Pension plans run by the government

NIOS is a software program.

Services provided by the EPFO

Services related to Aadhaar cards

CSC banking is a type of banking that is offered by CSC.

PAN card services are available.

Services provided by the Post Office

Services provided by election commissions

Electrical services are provided.

Services provided by the DG village IRCTC

Rail and bus tickets can be purchased online.

Reservation of a Hotel

Services in the field of e-commerce

Agriculture-related establishments

Applications for e-learning

PMKVY educational courses are available.

Advantages of DigipayLoan

Services in the banking industry

CSC Digilocker, and so on.

How to get a TEC Certificate Number?

The TEC Certificate number can only be obtained if the applicant has completed the registration process for the TEC Certificate and made the required payment.

The username and password for logging in will be provided to applicants.

Following successful login to the TEC CSC portal, the Applicants will be presented with the TEC certificate modules page on their computer screen.

To access the TEC Exam dashboard, go to the learning link and select “Learn More.”

There will be a total of ten TEC Exam course units.

The modules are in PDF format data, and there are videos in both English and Hindi.

Complete the modules and pass the exam by clicking on the assessment button at the end of each module.

Each module contains 10 questions, each of which has a time limit of 60 seconds and is available in both English and Spanish.

After you’ve finished the exam, submit it.

After 3 to 4 days, the applicants will be able to download the TEC certificate, which will include a TEC certificate number, from the website.

How to Apply for TEC CSC?

To apply, candidates must go to the CSC’s official website.

On the home page, look for the link “Login with us.”

A new page appears; select log in with CSC Connect from the drop-down menu.

The TEC certificate number and mobile number are entered, and then the OTP is generated.

Enter the one-time password (OTP) that was provided to your mobile number and click on Verify.

Now enter your email address and confirm it. A new screen appears; enter the virtual ID of the Aadhaar card, select the gender, date of birth, state, and district from the drop-down menu.

After you’ve entered the captcha code, select the submit option.

Infrastructure for TEC CSC Center

Maintenance of the infrastructure is required to keep the TEC CSC center open.

There is only one room.

•ComputerHard Disc drive with 120 GB of storage space minimum of 512 MB of RAMComputer

Disk drive for DVDs and CDs

Licenced UPS with four hours of battery backup for Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later


Generator on Wheels

Camera for the Internet (digital or web)

A connection with a minimum speed of 128 kbps is required.

Internet browsing, data uploading, and other computer fundamentals are required.

CSC Entrepreneur

India’s national e-governance strategy has been developed by the country’s government. These facilities, which are frequently referred to as Common Services Centers (CSCs). It is the site of the delivery of government, social, and private sector services in the fields of agriculture, health, education, entertainment, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), banking and financial services, utility payments, and other areas of interest. Various common services centers with government ministries, banks, and insurance firms, as well as private sector organizations, make it available to all individuals regularly.

CSC Tec Exam

Let’s put it this way: let’s call it VLE in plain English. You applied to CSC through your village or block. If you are awarded CSC, you will be referred to as CSC VLE. Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) is an abbreviation for Village Level Entrepreneur. Which CSC outlets (the majority of which are privately held) provide a variety of government and non-government services to end consumers?

Required Qualification to become CSC Center VLE

To become a VLE, you must first meet several minimum requirements before you can start a CSC center.

You must be over the age of eighteen.

It is necessary to have a valid Aadhar card.

Necessary to have a bank account.

It is too necessary to possess a PAN card.

To work as a VLE, one must have completed their 10th grade or ITI from a recognized board as a minimum educational qualification.

Computer educational qualifications should include a working knowledge of computers at a fundamental level.

TEC Certificate Number (Technical Engineering Certificate)

How to do CSC VLE Registration? 

To register, go to the following URL:   http://register.csc.gov.in  

On the homepage, tap on the “Apply New Registration” option to proceed with the registration process.

Enter the Tec Certificate Number that you were issued. Input and authenticate your mobile number and email address, then enter your name, date of birth, gender, select your state, and select your authentication type and captcha before clicking on the “Submit” button to complete the process.

Fill up the necessary personal, kiosk, financial, and PAN information. Take the time to read over all of the terms and conditions.

Once you’ve reviewed your information, click on the “Submit” button to register yourself.

An Application Reference ID will be generated as a result.

You will receive an email confirming that your application has been completed at the email address you supplied during the registration process.

After applying, you must download a copy of the application form and submit it to the District Manager, who can be found at the nearest CSC office, along with a copy of the self-attested papers (Canceled Cheque/Passbook, PAN Card, and a photograph of the applicant).

In the meantime, your application will be subjected to an obligatory quality check. Your application will be rejected if it is not accepted and you will be notified through email.

You have the option to reapply as a new applicant. If your application is approved, you will become a successful member of our Village Level Entrepreneurship program and will be associated with us.

Your account will be created, and you will receive Digi-mail credentials to the email address you provided during registration.

You will receive a Digi-mail ID and a password in this email.

You will also receive an email on your Digi-mail account with the subject line “CSC Connect Credentials” in the body. During this time, you will be provided with your CSC portal User ID and Password.

How much is the fee for CSC VLE Registration?

As a result, the topic of how much money is required for CSC VLE Registration will undoubtedly be on everyone’s mind right now. As a result, I’d like to inform you that there is no charge for becoming a VLE. It is free to use.


TEC Exam for the CSC TEC Certificate How to Make?

To pass the exam, you must properly read and prepare the PDF that has been provided. For you to be able to provide correct answers to the questions that will be asked in the exam.

What Happens if You do not Pass the TEC Examination?

TEC exam failure does not necessitate any kind of panicking on your part. Because if you fail the TEC exam, you will have the opportunity to retake it.

How to Download CSC TEC Certificate?

If you pass the TEC Final Exam, your CSC TEC Certificate will be generated within one month of passing the exam. By logging onto the TEC site, you will be able to download this certificate. Additionally, you can apply for CSC online using the TEC Certificate Number that is provided in it.

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