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Vision IAS is one of the best platforms for the preparation of  Indian Administrative Services (IAS), which is known as the administrative arm of all the Indian services of the government of India. It is known as an administrative arm as the officer has to organize numerous departments, supervise them and implement policies of the central government and state government. The aspirant has to have extraordinary knowledge of all systems working nationally and internationally for India.

So to help the candidates crack the exam in at least attempts there is IAS Vision tutoring.

What is Vision IAS?

It is a perfect tutoring aid to the aspirants who are willing to clear the IAS exam earliest. It is a complete and thorough plan of action for sincere candidates to prepare the subjects well and answer accurately. They have a creative approach to helping students of all educational backgrounds. Here individuals are guided by a dynamic process to prepare well for the examination. The best part of Vision IAS is the Test series for exams, Live Interactive classes, Resources and available in online and offline mode.

Vision IAS Center

They have live interactive classes and numerous materials on websites for aspirants. Through which they can learn and clear exams. But they also have centers in India where students can apply to take admissions. There will be tests and classes offline subject to government regulation and the safety of students. Following are centers in the nearby cities :

  • Ahmedabad
  • Chandigarh
  • Delhi
  • Guwahati
  • Hyderabad
  • Lucknow
  • Pune

Vision IAS Abhyaas

Vision IAS motto is inspiring innovation. So as per that they have organized a creative idea to help the aspirants with the demo exam of UPSC at the National level. They have organized test centers in 25 cities of the entire nation. Here the registered candidates with Vision India have to attempt General studies papers I, II, III, and IV in the nearest test center. They have to attempt the paper in a given schedule. They will get to know the competition at the national level and can improve as per the competition nationwide. Following are the key features of Abhyaas Mains:

  • All India Percentile: After attempting this exam students will get an All India Percentile which helps them to understand their level of preparation.
  • Comprehensive evaluation: Students will receive an exact evaluation which will help them to work on their mistakes
  • Concrete feedback and corrections: Students will receive feedback for each paper and correct answers for the same; this will eventually lead to the development of learning.
  • Complete coverage of the UPSC syllabus: The exam will cover a thorough portion of UPSC and thus will make students practice the entire syllabus.
  • Available in Hindi/English: The question paper, answers, feedback, evaluation, and corrections will be available in both languages that are Hindi and English. This will benefit all students.
  • Live Test Discussion; After the Nationwide Demo exam, there will be a live test discussion of the same, where students can ask the experts their doubts and discuss certain topics with co-aspirants to learn better.

Vision IAS Classroom

They have a demo classroom on the website for all subjects of General Studies. Students who are interested in browsing through the website can observe the pre-recorded class and gain knowledge from the experts of their respective subjects. They can perform the following activities in the classroom:

  • Observe Subject Video
  • Take a self-assessment test
  • Write an assignment for practice on new topics
  • Drop a query to the subject expert
  • Share feedback of observed subject video

Vision IAS Open Test

They added one more help to aspirants by arranging an Open Mock Test for aspirants. This mock test is open to all students in the nation. This Mock test will be in online mode only. This test is considered one of the best tests nationwide. If students attempt this online mock test they will be benefited from the following features;

  • Students will receive All India Ranking.
  • Students will get Vision IAS Post Test analysis from experts.
  • A mock test is formed based on the UPSC paper pattern.
  • This mock test is available in Hindi and English too.
  • The test has complete coverage of the UPSC syllabus
  • There will be a live discussion of the Mock test with experts.

Vision IAS Test Series

This is a hallmark of Vision IAS. They have numerous test series for UPSC aspirants. This test series helps them to build confidence with the gained knowledge. They get to practice vividly for all subjects. They have practice daily. Also, they get solutions to the questions to check their accuracy. The solution set helps them to learn from their mistakes and improve them. These test series are available in Hindi and English. Following are the categories of Test Series:

  • Prelims General Studies: This will have a package of 30 test series or a package of 35 test series. Students can select more than one package of tests for their practice. This is available in Hindi and English. It helps them to get ready for mains general.
  • Mains General Studies: This will have a package of 25 test series or a package of 30 test series. Students can select more than one package of tests for their practice. This is available in Hindi and English. This will lead the students to get ready for the preparation of the final UPSC exam.

Vision IAS Interview

The UPSC candidate has to clear the interview round on board. So they should be confident and well prepared for it. If they are prepared well then only they can easily clear the Interview round. So Vision IAS helps the candidate to prepare for Interviews too. They have a developed system that helps to develop the personality of a candidate. Following are key features of the Vision IAS Interview program:

  • Aspirants will discuss with the senior faculty of Vision IAS
  • Candidates will have demo interviews with Ex-officer/Ex-Bureaucrats/Educationalists for fair practice.
  • Students get a chance to have a conversation with toppers of UPSC and current bureaucrats.
  • They get feedback on their performance with improvements and corrections.

Vision IAS Resources

It Vision IAS has a huge source of resources in a wide range from free to paid. They have resources available on digital platforms. This makes it easy for students to learn in their spare time. They have resources in the following ways:

  • Vision IAS Current Affairs: They issue the current affairs pdf free for all students in the following categories:-
  • 1) Weekly focus: Current affairs related to a particular week.
  • Philosophical Foundations of Education.
  • Forced displacement: A humanitarian hardship and a growth challenge
  • Urban Planning in India: Developing Future Cities of the Indian country
  • 3 decades of 1991 Economic Reforms from one of the revolutions to another
  • Sui Generis Indian Federalism:Emerging Concerns and.Evolving Dynamics
  • Sustainable Development Targets: The Pathway to the Future
  • Port connectivity: India’s conduit to the world
  • Cooperatives: Prosperity through Cooperation
  • Violence against Women: Recognize it, Respond to it, Prevent the violence, and Change
  • CIVIL SOCIETY IN INDIA: Required ingredient in development or a Challenged Idea?
  • Conserving the Forests: Save Today, Survive Tomorrow
  • Indigenization of Defense Industry: From Necessity to Opportunity
  • Cryptocurrency: A method of Economic Empowerment or a Regulatory Challenge?
  • Bharat Vs India: Has Rural-Urban split up reality or a metaphor?
  • Connectivity of the Region: India’s Contribution in the Great Game
  • Medical Ethics: From the science of medicine to art of medicine
  • Universal Immunization Towards A Healthier And A Safer World
  • Criminal Justice System of India: To Reform Institutions For Delivering Justice
  • Exploration of Space: Changing dynamics & way to the destiny
  • Non-Performing Assets (NPA) From ‘a Challenges’ to ‘a Catalyst’
  • Censorship in Media: A necessary evil?
  • Transitioning to a Sustainable Energy Ecosystem
  • Inter-State Water Governance From Conflict to Cooperation
  • Importance of Institutions in a Democracy
  • Vaccination Drives of india: Strategy, Obstacles, and Opportunities
  • Unpaid Work: Women’s Responsibility or an Economic Activity?
  • Post-Pandemic Economy: New destination, New path
  • Coastal Security: State of India’s Preparedness
  • Government Budgeting: What, Why, and How?
  • Data-Driven Innovations and Privacy
  • Infrastructure Development in the North Eastern Region
  • India and World Trade Organization
  • Climate Change Negotiations
  • Social Media and Society
  • 2) Monthly Current Affairs – Current Affairs related in that month
  • October 2021
  • September 2021
  • August 2021
  • July 2021
  • June 2021
  • May 2021
  • April 2021
  • March 2021
  • February 2021
  • January 2021
  • 3)News today: Everyday current social issue is added with details so that candidates can prepare essays on them. Candidates can visit websites to check current topics and prepare themselves.
  • 4)Economic Survey: Current Economic status of the country is summarized in this pdf. Candidates can go through this website to learn the key points on this topic.
  • 5) Value-added Material: This is the main material available on the website which can be helpful to dedicated students. This provides a comparison of topics with the previous year’s syllabus. They also have immense details in the form of notes posted. Contents in this material areas:
  • International Relations Previous Year Questions (Syllabus-wise) 2013-2020
  • Economics Previous Year Questions (Syllabus-wise) 2013-2020
  • Security Previous Year Questions (Syllabus-wise) 2013-2020
  • Polity with Governance Previous Year Questions (curriculum-wise) 2013-2020
  • Social Issues Previous Year Questions (Syllabus-wise) 2013-2020
  • Science and Technology Previous Year Questions (Syllabus-wise) 2013-2020
  • Environment Previous Year Questions (Syllabus-wise) 2013-2020
  • Urbanization
  • Migration
  • Impact of Globalization on Indian Society
  • Supreme Court
  • Elections in India
  • Development Processes and the Development Industry
  • Federal Structure Devolution of Power
  • Articles on Polity-Important Constitutional Judgements and Acts for UPSC Mains 2020
  • Role of Civil Services in a Democracy
  • Pressure Groups
  • Welfare Schemes for Vulnerable Sections
  • PDS, Buffer Stock, and Food Security
  • Government Budgeting
  • Agricultural Subsidies and MSP
  • Economics Data Paper part 3- Important Facts and Figures for UPSC Mains Exam 2020
  • Part of Media and Social Networking Sites in Internal Security Challenges of the system
  • Linkages between Development and Spread of Extremism
  • Part of External State and Non-state Actors in Producing Challenges to Internal Security
  • Ethics in Administrative Responsibilities- Concerns Dilemma and Solutions
  • 80 CASE STUDIES (Q & A) (Ethics)
  • Probity in Governance- Concepts Principles and Challenges
  • Ethics in Administration- Aptitude, Sources, and Foundational Values
  • Ecology, Env. and Disaster Management
  • Reservation Policy
  • Autonomy of Important Bodies
  • Indian Agriculture – Problems and Solutions
  • UGC and Higher Education in India
  • PESA
  • Privilege To Freedom And The Liberty To Life
  • Food Security
  • Black Money
  • One Rank One Pension
  • RTI
  • Insurgency in North East
  • Natural Resources
  • Capital Punishment
  • Legislative Procedures- Safeguards
  • Juveniles as Adults
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Governor’s Role in Tribal and Scheduled Areas
  • 14th Finance Commission
  • Socio-Economic Caste Census 2011
  • Drug Pricing in India
  • Greece Crisis
  • WTO and Global Food Security
  • Conflict in Syria
  • Redrawing of International Financial Structure
  • Iran Issue
  • Global Refugee crisis
  • Charlie Hebdo Attack
  • Yemen Crisis
  • Ukraine Crisis
  • Nepal’s Constitution
  • India – Germany Relations
  • India – US
  • Land Boundary Agreement
  • Dynamics in India Sri Lanka Relations
  • India – Russia
  • Israel – Palestine Conflict and India’s Role
  • Islamic State and India
  • India-Afghanistan
  • Indian Diaspora
  • IR 2015
  • A nuclear issue in India’s Foreign Policy
  • India – France
  • India – Canada
  • India’s Revitalized Glance at Pacific and Eastern part of Asia
  • India Pakistan
  • India China
  • One Road One Belt Initiative
  • New Method of GDP Calculation
  • One year of CSR under the Companies Act
  • Smart Cities
  • Skill Development
  • Labor Market Reforms
  • Income Inequality
  • Falling Rupee and Devalued Yuan
  • Science and Technology 2015 Part-1
  • Sustainable Habitat Green Building Norms in India
  • Tiger Census
  • 6)Mains 365: It has details about the most needed materials for the final UPSC exam. They are available in pdf form. Each topic below has detailed information needed for the exam. Candidates can use these key points from notes to write an essay and apply them in the objective type questions:
  • Security Sep20-Sep21
  • International Relations Sep20-Sep21
  • Environment Sep20-Sep21
  • Science and Technology Sep20-Sep21
  • Social Issues Sep20-Sep21
  • Polity Sep20-Sep21
  • Economy Sep20-Sep21
  • 7) PT 365: This subtopic consists of all relevant topics that can occur in the preliminary exam:
  • PT 365 Extended
  • Government Schemes Comprehensive (Part 2)
  • PT 365 Updated Part 2
  • Government Schemes Comprehensive (Part 1)
  • PT 365 Updated Part 1
  • Government Schemes in News
  • PT 365 Culture
  • PT365 International Relations
  • PT 365 Science and Technology
  • PT 365 Environment
  • Social Issues
  • Economy
  • Polity And Constitution
  • 8) Interview: This part has all relevant topics that can be asked by interviewers in the interview. Candidates can read the material thoroughly to give an absolutely fine interview.
  • 9) Union Budget: This summarizes the year 2021 Union Budget to be well versed with the knowledge of the Budget and its clauses.
  • Vision IAS Smart Quiz: To be well equipped in a short time with the preparation of the UPSC Exam.
  • Vision Quick Revision Material: This allows students to do last-minute revision or last-day revision and check their knowledge.


This website has not left any stone unturned for the preparation of UPSC/IAS exams. They have many more resources, study materials, test series, well-known person interviews, and talk shows. So the dedicated student must visit this website and take help of it to shine with flying colors in the exam.

Official Website: Vision IAS

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