Sindhutai Sapkal

(Mother of Orphans)


Sindhutai sapkal also known as mother of orphans was a social worker and her biography is all about her exemplary contribution towards  society and children of India.

Her date of birth and place:

she was born on 14 nov 1948 pimpri meghe village in the district of wardha, Maharashtra.

Her marriage life:

Sindhutai sakpal was married at age of 10 to shrihari sakpal,a 30 year old man. he threw her out home from home when she was 9 month old pregnant.

Her struggle:

After being abandoned by her husband she got a thought of suicide but did not choose to go in that path, later she started begging on railway station for food.

how she became mother of orphans:

During the phase of struggle she realized that there is so much children who have no one to take care and are helpless.

From that day onwards she committed that she would serve the children all her life and bring them up.

she has adopted 1500 children so far and helped them with all necessities and love and support.

Awards and recognition:

president ram nath kovind honored her with nari shakti award  in 2017, she also honored with padma shri in 2021.

A marathi film " mee sindhutai sapkal " released her biopic in 2010.

Sindhuai sapkal took her last breath on 4 january 2022, died at the age of 73. May her soul rest in peace.

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